Blogging Content Services

Outsourced blogging solutions: Customers become editors to precisely control content marketing

Awesome websites are at the core of our heritage. To maximize their effectiveness, the best sites require powerful blog content to engage and cultivate customers. Our Clients develop the topics and strategy; we produce the copy!

Effective Inbound-Marketing strategy requires constant attention to the customer funnel, but many business leaders cannot find the time or resources to produce and deliver the content needed to grow their customer base.

Delmarva Group’s Blogging Content Services reduce internal stress and produce results:
• Topics aligned with marketing strategy
• Consistent, reliable copy written in “your voice” • Weekly publication: 250, 500 words
• SEO optimized content
• Tailored strategically to meet customer needs
• Topics responsive to current events
• Promote the client as an industry thought-leader • Client monitors website analytics to see results

Getting Started

Our project managers meet with the client’s team, capturing objectives and organizational insight, and maps out a plan. The first post is drafted in days; the client reviews and makes edits to ensure the article precisely delivers the intended message. From the initial meetings and articles, we develop framework to produce the content and build a curated library that addresses a variety of topics that are specific to our client’s business and valuable to their customers.
If the client chooses, publishing and archiving of the content can be built into the service agreement.

Program Cost

The service is provided on a monthly fee, tailored to the specific needs of each client. Weekly calls and virtual meetings are scheduled to ensure current topics and periodic business events are coordinated and optimized. Our commitment is to empower our client’s success by forming collaborative partnerships.

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