OnCall CIO Consulting

Information Technology is the most powerful tool and a huge investment in your organization;


Isn’t it time to get the most performance from it?

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Our “On-Call CIO” program empowers management teams by providing executive-level technology management on an economical, part-time basis. Your O/C CIO Consultant brings decades of industry experience to help align assets, processes, and people with the business objectives that drive your performance.

Analyze Assets:
  • Hardware assessment and configuration evaluation
  • Software application performance and deployment
  • Data management and storage configuration
Assess Processes:
  • Workflow process evaluation
  • System vulnerability assessment & alignment with Enterprise Risk
Review Risk Management tolerances and appetite
  • Quantify technology capacity and requirements to support your proposed projects
  • Organize, design and appropriately deploy accurate and meaningful enterprise performance reporting
Align People:
  • Staff structure
  • IT team competencies and voids
  • Team structure and mission with organizational performance objectives

Our Team:

Led by Mr. JT Koffenberger, we bring an extensive background in project management and methodologies including custom software development as well as large scale data migration and user implementation. Additionally, from over 15 years in solid management roles, we are highly skilled in IT team assessment and alignment and CIO Consulting.

Our Client relationship model:

Our CIO Consulting project managers coordinate with the client’s executive team to capture a clear understanding of their vision/mission/culture, team assignments, business objectives, as well as perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats “SWOT”. Implementing a game plan, we work well in multiple reporting environments that allow your IT team to report to direct leadership and coordinate with our staff at Delmarva Group. This allows both organizations to apply agile principles to complete projects on time and under budget.
We continuously evaluate opportunities to improve your performance. When we identify new technologies that we think will help your business, we do the leg work and only when we see real potential for value increase, we present it to you. This saves our clients significant resources of time and energy.

Program Cost:

This service is available for a minimal monthly fee, but is tailored to your specific needs. We know clients value in-person conversations and meetings, so monthly plans include face to face visits, phone and email support.