Workstation and System Support


Office network systems require ongoing maintenance, security protocols, and strategic planning to perform reliably and economically.

From threat-protection apps, to user authentication protocols, to hardware lifespan planning and network accessibility hierarchy, we protect and enhance your system to deliver optimal performance.

Our Workstation and System Support programs provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind.

Security Protocols

Multi-factor authentication
Anti-virus & anti-malware protection
Patch downloads
Cloud storage plans

System Maintenance

Documented inventory of company assets
Asset warranty and lifespan planning
System upgrade research
System budget planning

User Interface

WiFi network access
Employee credential management
Employee use of personal devices
Company email policies

Crises and disasters recovery of business-critical systems and data into each plan. We also help clients integrate these policies into contracts and agreements with their service providers and partner organizations.

We integrate our clients’ risk-tolerance into every element of the Workstation and System Support Program