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Enterprise-class information technology services for medium and small organizations.

Our Specialties

At Delmarva Group, LLC our purpose is to solve business problems with technology. We empower our clients to drive performance and make them more competitive

Desktop and Workstation Support

Business continuity depends on comprehensive workstation management services that keep your computers running securely and deliver optimal performance with proactively scheduled maintenance

Web Design

Websites are 24/7 representatives of your business. We build sites that communicate vision, mission and culture; engaging visitors and customers with sophisticated marketing tools, providing critical support to staff and stakeholders with operational functionality that drives your performance objectives.

Enterprise Class Hosting Services

We host all client websites on SSD based servers and utilize the best monitoring programs to maintain the highest levels of security to protect from defacement, optimize site availability, and deliver accurate performance reporting.

Blogging Content

Websites are only as good as the content on them. It’s hard to find the time to write and manage blog pages. We generate unique, custom content that organically drives traffic to your site and social media feeds.


Email newsletters are essential marketing tools that enrich commercial relationships. We generate and distribute newsletters for customers that project fresh and valuable information that deepen the bond with their clients and attracts new prospects.

CIO Consulting

When you need sophisticated IT strategy, but your budget isn’t ready for a full-time CIO, we deliver! From vendor management to strategic planning and implementation, we support your leadership team with expertise to make it all happen.

Don’t know where to start.  How about a free website audit to see how you’re doing?

Audit Score

We'll search your site for overall health. This includes broken links, coding errors such bad header calls and other technical challengs.


SEO is a key aspect of any website marketing strategy. Working with our analysis tool and our progressive recommendations too, we will analyze your site's SEO position, help you rank higher for the keywords you're targeting and even find alternative keywords that you should target.

How secure is your site?

Even when we don't host your site, there are a number of things we can examine to help you secure your website. This is a key component in fighting hackers and malicious entities.

Site Performance

How fast is your site? It's a known correlation that the slower your site is, the less click-throughs you'll receive. Addiionally, Google ranks slow websites lower than fast ones. So it's key to know how fast your site is and to revisit this test on a regular basis.

At Delmava Group, LLC your business’ success is our primary goal.  We have the tools and experience to take your IT to the next level.

We view your website as a conduit to conduct business.  It needs to interface well with. your back end systems such as your CRM or ERP.  This is key to getting the most out of your website investment and marketing dollars.

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