Today, every small business understands that a website is necessary for growth and continued success. Even the local pizza shop will likely have a website that includes their menu and interactive elements, such as directions and check-in features. Nonetheless, if your small business website is without a blog, you are losing opportunities to increase traffic, attract new customers, and engage with prospects. A website that is static, and does not change, is little more than a brochure. However, customers expect content and engagement, with blogging being an essential aspect of online marketing. The only real question is should your small business hire a blog writer or try to do it yourself?

Why Hire a Blog Writing Service

1. Save Time – You or someone on your staff may be a brilliant writer, even if writing is not your career. This issue comes down to having the time to do it right. When you use your own staff, you are taking them away from their regular tasks and likely giving them only a limited amount of time to write. A professional writing service will take the time to focus on your project.

2. Maintain Consistency – The effectiveness of a blog relies, in part, on keeping a regular schedule. Your subscribers and social media followers will come to expect and look forward to your new content. That said, when you are in business, the business comes first. There are going to be times when you or your staff is too busy doing their regular job to maintain a consistent blogging schedule.

3. Avoiding Writer’s Block – It is a difficult thing to come up with new blog ideas, week after week. When you hire a professional writing service, you will relieve yourself of this stress. Professional blog writers know how to pull topics from multiple sources, and how to repurpose information for your business. Additionally, utilizing outside talent can provide new insights and perspectives. 

4. Writing to the Audience –  Effective blogging addresses visitors at every stage of the customer life-cycle: target, prospect, lead, customer, fan or win-back. A professional blogging service can write articles with the specific audience in mind. Additionally, a writer can create personalized content, focusing on prominent customer types and sub-groups. 

5. Improve SEO –  There exist many different writing styles, and content creation has its own. However, how closely you adhere to these rules can have a positive or negative impact placement on search engine results pages. Professional blog writers understand the importance of optimizing their content for Google and other search engines. As a result, they stay on top of the latest trends and search engine algorithm changes.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more information about why your small business should hire a blog writer, or have questions on a related topic, please contact us.

JT Koffenberger

JT Koffenberger

JT Koffenberger is the Founder and CEO of the Delmarva Group, LLC. He has over 30 years of progressive IT experience. Working on everything from coding applications to websites to large scale hosting services, his expertise is highly valuable to DMVG clients.


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