The Fourth of July celebrates America’s independence from Great Britain. The Fourth has been celebrated since 1776, and is now a federal holiday in the United States. It commemorates the Declaration of Independence that was written on July 4th, 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. These three men were appointed to represent the thirteen colonies as they declared themselves independent from Great Britain during this time period.

As we take this day to celebrate our independence, it’s worth remembering those who are not independent. Every Fourth of July, we honor those who have fought for freedom around the world. We also celebrate how far we’ve come as a country and hope that one day everyone will be able to enjoy this peace and prosperity.

The Fourth is considered by many Americans to be a patriotic holiday celebrating independence from Great Britain’s rule over the colonies in 1776. We fought for our independence. It was not simply a statement that we made. It was a battle for independence. We won the Fourth of July, and now we celebrate it every year as our Independence Day.

“The Fourth of July is not an end, but a beginning.” – John F Kennedy

Kennedy’s words hold true today. Our country continues to be in a constant state of change, some good and some bad. All of it shapes our Fourth of July and our country as we move forward.

From all of us here at Delmarva Group, LLC, we wish you all the very best celebration on this holiday of holidays. Take time to spend with. your family and loved ones. Enjoy!

JT Koffenberger

JT Koffenberger

JT Koffenberger is the Founder and CEO of the Delmarva Group, LLC. He has over 30 years of progressive IT experience. Working on everything from coding applications to websites to large scale hosting services, his expertise is highly valuable to DMVG clients.

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